I am not your typical editor.

Yes, I provide content and copy edits, but I want to truly connect with my authors. I establish a working relationship with each of my clients—one that provides honest feedback and critique. I need to know and understand what drives the characters and motivates the authors to write. I am hands on—working quickly and efficiently.

I expect daily contact with my authors via good old fashioned conversations, text or instant messaging or email. I won’t ever let an author lose their voice with my edits—it’s the author’s baby, I’m the godmother, trying to help raise it right…

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Writing; a Master of Science in Project Management; and, a Master of Business Administration. Because of my background, I read several books a week to keep up with the latest linguistic and literary trends. I research timelines for accuracy of events and other time period relevancy. I ensure consistency of the characters throughout the book.

Your first draft is always printed and read for content. For copy edits, yes, I am knowledgeable in Word, Google Docs and other editing programs and I can meet your technology needs.  I specialize in modern and paranormal romance, as well as erotica.

My business practice is simple:

  1. I read an author’s previous work.
  2. I read the proposed book to gauge services needed.
  3. I discuss with the author options, prices and deadlines.
  4. I start editing once agreed by the author.
  5. I finish editing and submit to the author by deadline.

Each book and each author is unique—there is nothing cookie cutter about my editing services.

Let me help you make your book fantastic, contact me today.

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